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An online or electronic portfolio is a visually appealing collection of your best work to date which is put on display for those who have a tangible interest in you and your artistry to view, compare, and evaluate. IT is an electronic or online collection of carefully selected records and documents created by you.

Bringing an e-Portfolio to a job interview or to a meeting with a potential client will help you secure the job.

People are using e-portfolio tools as a method to:

  • Reflect
  • Achieve’
  • Present themselves


Benefits of An electronic portfolio include:

  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Problem solving

Marvelous concept; creating one’s own electronic portfolio

Collecting and organizing information

  • Using technology
  • Completing activities
  • Professionalism
  • Interacting with others
  • Understanding all aspects of an industry
  • Taking responsibility for career and life change

Principals of an e-portfolio include:

  • The person owns their e-portfolio data. It cannot be used, reproduced, etc,,, without your permission
  • Am e-portfolio  has to support the use in more than one
  • Ane-portfolio must refer to sources outside of itself
  • An e-portfolio tool n eeds an import and export function.
  • Quality online portfolios are becoming the key most important marketing tool a beginning web designer or student possesses.

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A Bit of Portfolio Advice 

  1. Designing, yes designing and not writing, making or creating, a successful portfolio requires research, time, and innovation. Luckily,, I did not say money. However see the next bullet point.
  2. To ensure that your portfolio gets noticed by those who will benefit you the most you should research and subscribe to the type of portfolio or web hosting designed for exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you are seeking your first designing job. You would not contract hosting with; instead you might try or
  3.  Although there are sites where you can have your portfolio hosted for free, many charge a very nominal fee, which is probably the route one should consider.
  4. If you have been putting off creating your portfolio because you don’t feel you have enough content and are building up an adequate amount of quality work to include, stop. Quality not Quantity matters. Create a professional visually appealing portfolio and include the quality work you have. Remember that the portfolio you design yourself is work that you are displaying as well; potential employees and/or clients understand this well and seek out such.
  5. Unlike a website which needs constant attention and updating, your portfolio will grow over time without you putting any worry or much effort into it at all.
  6. In designing your portfolio, remember that people gravitate towards what is different, trendy, and visually appealing.
  7. Creating an E-portfolio  requires you to keep on top of your organization
  8. Creating a personal online portfolio increases the conversation ratio of your visitors.
  9.  Displays your work online to your potential customers

Why you need an A+ e-portfolio: 

  • To communicate- your online portfolio is your personal brand. It communicates
    • your brand,
    • who you are and
    • what you’re all about to potential clients or employers.
    • To show off- That who displays the best work wins. It doesn’t matter if you created the best work. If you don’t display it as well it is like it doesn’t exist. Your portfolio is a great place for such a display.


  • To build trust
  • To make money
  • Highlight technology
  • Showcase your “best of the best” work

If I had a portfolio what might I place in it?

  • Papers and essays
  • Photos of a project
  • Drawings
  • Diagrams
  • Computer graphics
  • Information from your job or internship
  • A newspaper article about a project you participated in
  • A thank you note written by someone you work with
  • A list of your school and community activities
  • A list of your career interests
  • Your resume
  • Your college classes and their grades

Reasons that you may create a portfolio

You may want a portfolio to help you reflect on what you are learning. Reflecting will help you learn your skills, which will help you to obtain employment, get a degree, or work on a project. Others do so for a place to hold documentation of their skills many people feel that a portfolio is a better display of one’s skills than tests are. Maintaining a portfolio challenges you to do your best work.

Should I choose an e-portfolio?

The electronic portfolio stores your achievements, skills, and other documents. It is often a conglomerate of Microsoft documents, spread sheets and Power Points, photos, structured essays, computer graphics, electronic drawings, resume, Adobe creations, Crewel draw etc… It stores a wide variety of computer media. However, print media often times.

It also has one huge advantage over the print portfolio:

This advantage is the ability to organize. You can organize, rearrange, tab, categorize, move, insert, and delete work from the portfolio.

Competencies that you will wish to display within the work you choose to include in your portfolio 

Level of knowledge in regards to the following:

  • Professionalism
  • Artistry abilities
  • Software knowledge and mastery
  • Perfectionism
  • Technology usage
  • Literacy and English language usage
  • Bilingual ability

Your skill level regarding the following will be evaluated:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Data collection
  • Completeness
  • Thoroughness
  • Computer usage
  • Socialization

Like a website, your portfolio, whether print or electronic should be divided into the following categories:

  • Vision and mission statement defining you; who you are, what you are about, what you are looking for a  stable of contents
  • Skill list
  • Definition list
  • Core items
  • Portfolio tools (structured essays, career interests, and work based learning programs.)

The “in a nutshell” order for creating a portfolio 

  • Collect
  • Select
  • Reflect
  • Project
  • Present 

My favorite slide is this first one. 

Off topic but was also useful in this assignment is the social media slide below:


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