A Dog’s Life

Picture of piggy

On this page, I will attempt to provide a running diary-like account of the lives of my four furry roommates, kids, babies, best friends, sheet snatchers, shoe hiders, food beggars, or just the best mood picker-uppers there is.

This is my tribute to my best friends.

Missy (10 years)

Grubby (5 years)

Piggy (1 year)

Nikki (1 year)

They truly

Picture of Missy

I wuv u


Picture of grubby

Please take me out!


Picture of piggy

I look almost human you say? That’s because I practically am.
I am smart, inquisitive, I need to know everything, and I am a lover and protector. I am Ms. Piggy. Don’t forget the Ms.


Picture of  Nikki

And the baby, Half pint Nikki. We love you Nikki.

are mans best friend.


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