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An online or electronic portfolio is a visually appealing collection of your best work to date which is put on display for those who have a tangible interest in you and your artistry to view, compare, and evaluate. IT is an electronic or online collection of carefully selected records and documents created by you.

Bringing an e-Portfolio to a job interview or to a meeting with a potential client will help you secure the job.

People are using e-portfolio tools as a method to:

  • Reflect
  • Achieve’
  • Present themselves


Benefits of An electronic portfolio include:

  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Problem solving

Marvelous concept; creating one’s own electronic portfolio

Collecting and organizing information

  • Using technology
  • Completing activities
  • Professionalism
  • Interacting with others
  • Understanding all aspects of an industry
  • Taking responsibility for career and life change

Principals of an e-portfolio include:

  • The person owns their e-portfolio data. It cannot be used, reproduced, etc,,, without your permission
  • Am e-portfolio  has to support the use in more than one
  • Ane-portfolio must refer to sources outside of itself
  • An e-portfolio tool n eeds an import and export function.
  • Quality online portfolios are becoming the key most important marketing tool a beginning web designer or student possesses.

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Evaluating Pinterest and more

A whole new world has opened up to me this past year; specifically the virtual world of social media and similar platforms. I find each of these intriguing in its design, user, and niche. At first I registered with, and failed miserably at,  social media platform  that I could find on the web. I have since derived a new course of action, plan B, (No…no… I am not trying to prevent a potential pregnancy. All of these social networking platforms leave me little time for a sexual relationship, I can assure.)
Anyway, (Pulling myself back on the right track) I am researching each social network platform and carefully choosing those that best suit my interests and needs. I have recently begun looking at Pinterest in-depth and ran across a blog written by John Brandon titled “9 Tips to Boost your Business with Pinterest” that I found worthy of commenting upon and adding a few words to. First, however, I would like to state a few interesting facts.

Pinterest gets roughly 55 million, yes million, visitors a month. It is no wonder that businesses have turned to Pinterest to market their business. It is not uncommon for a new “business pinner” to report a 75% increase in the amount of traffic visiting their website after going “Picommerce.”  However, many business owners cannot figure out how to use a social media tool such as Pinterest to market their business. It is as simple as thinking “visual marketing.” Think of a commercial without any words or think opposite of radio advertising. John Brandon a content writer for INC. gives us nine great tips to using Pinterest that will boost a business. In short they are,

  1. Spend time
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Connect your physical presence with your online presence
  4. Make sure your business is a match
  5. Use other social nets to feed Pinterest
  6. 6.  Launch a daily pin theme
  7. 7.  Promote more than products
  8. Follow the big hitters
  9. Selective curating

I really like all of Johns Pinterest marketing ideas. Furthermore, his article is short and to the point; quality not quantity which goes double for Pinterest. The quality of your pins not the number of them is what matters. I also think that John’s suggestions are spot on. I had trouble stating “one strategy that can be used to market your business using Pinterest,” so I am going to work “outside the box” and repin (restate) two.

My first is John’s sixth; a daily blog theme. The idea of a weekly blog theme feels more adequate to me. I like this idea because you can also incorporate this into your blog by blogging on the same theme that week for uniformity.

I also love John’s suggestion to create your pins so that every pinned image includes a link back to your site. I think this is great. Otherwise, the pinner may not even know where the image originated from. That is if you are lucky! Lucky by having a whole string of reposts of your original content so much so that to find its home would be a daunting task; better to provide that information for the pinner It also helps to “give credit where credit is due.” Moving right along, I absolutely love another of John’s suggestions. of course, pin the focal point of your business. John, however, goes one step further and tells us to pin outside of our business’s expertise or what products and/or services your business sells. Now, that does not mean to go crazy and pin anything and everything that catches your fancy. Be selective; remember quality NOT quantity. John tells us that, “the daily themed pins usually lead to repeat visitors.” This makes total sense to me. Think about a book you bought last year. The sequel is getting ready to be released. It makes sense to expect that you, one who had read the first book in the series, will become a repeat customer by purchasing this book in the sequel. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to have my current customers become repeat, or loyal (brand loyalty) customers then to repeatedly have a plethora of new customers who never have no sense of brand loyalty and who never become repeat customers. Here is that quality vs. quantity again.

The other thing I liked about John’s article is that he provided frequent, real life, examples throughout.

John mentions nearly a dozen businesses that have gone to Pinterest for marketing; including seventy. Seventy not only promotes themselves and their teen services on Pinterest they also market using 8 other social media  avenues as shown below in the order in which they appeared on Google’s “Hit List”:

D.J.’s multiple definition of Blogging

One person's multiple definition of Blogging; mine.

One person’s multiple definition of Blogging; mine.

Top reasons why people blog


Top Reasons People Blog

 blogging mindmap

Thanks for checking out my very first blog posting.

In deciding to join the millions of others in the blogosphere, I conducted some personal research to become better informed about blogging; more specifically, I intended to research what people blogged about. However, because this is my virgin blog, I thought it appropriate instead, to blog about why people blog. To my surprise, I found that fewer people blog to keep a record of personal events, thoughts, and feelings than I anticipated.

Then, what do bloggers blog about?

Bloggers Blog to:

  1. share product reviews to other consumers. Consumer Reports, E-Bay, and Amazon’s ‘feedback’ and ‘reviews’ are good examples of product review blogging. This type of blogging is amazingly helpful to other consumers considering purchasing specific products. It can save a consumer from making a purchase that they will not be happy with or may be the deciding factor in purchasing a product that they normally would not purchase.
  2. offer instructions. Instructions can range from operating devices, installing equipment, assembling furniture, simplify driving directions, and even on how to blog. Bloggers get to offer their expertise and are thus heard in the process, and readers are educated in new areas.
  3. Market their products and services. Much business owns and entrepreneurs use blogging as a way to attract people to their websites or to make their product better known.
  4. Establish themselves as an expert in a field or niche. This topic or field is usually related to their occupation and/or education and these bloggers rarely stray far from their subject of expertise.
  5. Remain in contact with friends and family. Some bloggers post events of their life, to do lists, calendars, a new baby’s progress, and even recipes to friends and family members. Blogging offers a way to stay close without having to devote a plethora of time to individual people and allows others to keep abreast in your happenings. This is a great tool which allows one to feel physically close to loved ones when physical distance is great.
  6. Network with new people.  In today’s business one can never have too many contacts. However, with today’s busy lifestyle, it is hard to find time to socialize even when we are mingling to increase our business network. Blogging allows business-minded individuals to do so without leaving their desk, putting on that winning smile, or doing much work at all.
  7. Receive free feedback. Feedback regarding our business ideas and ventures are critical to success; however, this type of constructive criticism can be costly. Unless, of course, you are crafty and look for it in the form of feedback generated from your winning blog.
  8. Allow customers to get to know you, your business, and your product. This helps to establish trust with the customer and allows for the customer and business to interact on an even keel. Not only do customers learn about promotions, sales, changes in business hours, new product lines, and prices, they also learn about you as a person, which is important to today’s consumer.
  9. Talk. Some people like to talk. Others have a plethora of things to say. Blogging allows you to “talk” about anything, anytime, anywhere, even when you have no immediate audience.
  10. Gain knowledge derived from the ideas and expertise of others. People love to include their thoughts and opinions, and even their expertise to other bloggers blog postings. Because of this, blogging is a great way to request advice on a situation, seek out answers to questions, gain insight on a topic, or to receive solutions to problems.

I, on the other hand, am blogging to learn more about the blogosphere, gain insight into social media marketing, and to satisfy a course requirement. In time, I plan on creating a regularly occurring blog centering on a specific topic of general interest within the realm or niche of either virtual assisting or web design and virtual marketing.

What do you blog about?


Thanks for checking out my blog!

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